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In 2011, the world’s largest and most traditional event finally came to South America for the first time. The 10th edition of the International Tinnitus Seminar (ITS) was held here in Brazil from March 16-19, 2011, amid the beautiful landscapes of Costão do Santinho, in Florianópolis, in the presence of the world’s leading specialists.

This event had Tanit Ganz Sanchez, MD, PhD as president and Márcia Kii, MD as head of the national organizing committee. It brought together experts from 28 countries who explored the topic extensively during the 4 days of the event, allowing discussion and exchange of information and experiences.

It was an excellent opportunity to update and interact with the greatest researchers in the area. In addition, as an innovation, the event was streamed live for the first time, allowing access and interactivity with people from remote locations. Conscious of the issue of environmental sustainability, the organizing committee chose to have digital posters, abstracts, communications and certificates, as well as to distribute ecological materials.

In that event, Brazil was brilliantly present in the history of international tinnitus field!