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Vocal and Tonal Audiometry

The Test That Everyone Should do at Any Age!

Audiometry is a basic and fundamental exam for ALL patients with tinnitus and/or sound intolerance to check if there is any ear injury, even a small one.
It determines the lowest sound level (threshold) that each person hears each type of sound offered by the audiometer.
The conventional audiometry measures these thresholds for low, medium and high sound frequencies ranging from 250 to 8000 Hz. It is performed with the patient sitting inside an acoustic booth using shell-type headphones connected to the audiometer.
As this exam evaluates one ear at a time and one sound frequency at a time, it is common for the final result to show a hearing loss in specific frequencies that patients do not perceive in their everyday life – and sometimes even do not believe – because during day by day we listen binaurally to several sound frequencies together.