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Tinnitus TV

In Brazil, 60 million inhabitants have access to the internet and to the numerous media available. Tinnitus, a symptom that affects more than 40 million Brazilians and still tends to grow, did not yet have an easy access channel to focus information seriously and credibly.

Even impairing the quality of life of many patients by interfering with sleep, concentration, social life and causing depression, the lack of medical knowledge on the subject frustrates most patients. Failing to search for information in different areas of the country, they no longer have access to adequate treatment.

After a year of great repercussion in the national and international press and television, the TV Zumbido is now a free TV channel.

Idealized by the Instituto Ganz Sanchez – the first Latin American center to concentrate excellence in treatment, research and divulgation of tinnitus in the same place – TV Zumbido is the second major project of this Institute and it complements the scope of the National Awareness Campaign on Tinnitus. With the success of digital media as a means of divulgating information, Tanit Ganz Sanchez, MD, PhD, specialist and precursor of tinnitus studies in Brazil, believes that she will be able to carry information to a more representative part of the population that suffers from lack of knowledge about tinnitus.

Although it harms the quality of life of the general population, from childhood to elderly, tinnitus still does not receive the necessary attention from the media nor from the medical community. So, TV Zumbido will update a more optimistic knowledge about the symptom than the common “tinnitus has no cure” or “there is nothing to be done and you have to learn to live with it.”