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Theoretical-Practical Intensive Course On Tinnitus

Since 2011, the Ganz Sanchez Institute has already held more than 30 classes of the Theoretical-Practical Intensive Course on Tinnitus, addressing the relevant aspects for managing patients.

With themes aimed at the full understanding of tinnitus and its causes, pathophysiology and treatment, this course innovated the content, directing it to the professional’s daily life.

This event also has a practical part, stimulating the reasoning and the active participation of the audience in all the themes exposed. The practical part allows enrollees to better understand the differences that exist from case to case, which is fundamental to choosing the most appropriate personalized approach for each patient. In order to optimize the learning, this course is designed for small groups (30 persons per course), is informal and includes sufficient time to exchange experiences among the participants.


Because it is a team work, we suggest the participation of pairs of otolaryngologists and audiologists to increase the probability of implanting similar learning in the respective offices.

We are always innovating and this is our way of being! Using our well-known didactic and synthesis ability to share ideas, we address everything that is relevant to manage patients with tinnitus. So far, we have made more than 30 classes of this course, which reached almost 1000 Brazilian professionals, including 5 who came from Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.