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Testimonials – Cure or Partial Improvement of Tinnitus


“By the middle of 2003, I was eventually finishing my master’s thesis. Everything happened among my ever-intense pace of work and a four-month remodel of the new apartment. Despite being a family dream, new benefits were added to the usual ones, unforeseen facts occurred, and I had to work harder to fulfill everything I had proposed. Thus, I expanded my work schedule, assuming new and diverse activities. It was common to work until dawn to take care of everything. I was so engrossed in this absurd cycle that I could not perceive the harm it inflicted on my own organism. But our wise body seems to sense the right moment to issue its warning alert. In my case, the first sign was given on one of those silent nights in which I waited for sleep to arrive: a continuous and annoying tinnitus, like a symphony of crickets. Soon I raised some hypotheses: would it be water in the ear? Did I exaggerate using swabs? Am I listening to loud music? Discarding the initial hypotheses and receiving the “visit” of tinnitus every night, I concluded that I had to go to a doctor and, to my surprise, I was recommended a tinnitus doctor! After a long conversation in which I exposed my “drama”, she requested a series of tests to detect the cause of tinnitus and all were normal. In my case, this meant that everything was a result of stress. With medical guidance, I took a natural relaxant and gradually learned to prioritize tasks. I completed my master’s degree, reorganized my work schedule and rescued moments of leisure with the family, definitively understanding that mental rest is essential to have quality of life. The tinnitus, vanquished, little by little disappeared. If, by chance, it decides to make another visit in one of those silent nights, I will know that it is time to take a deep breath and slow down again. “

Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”


“About eight years ago, I learned about tinnitus for the first time. My mother used to have a considerable hearing loss and started to complain about tinnitus. She tried to treat, but did not get significant results and started using hearing aids. After reading the book “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”, she adapted much better to it. In December 2006, I began to hear tinnitus in my left ear, like a popping noise, that made me nervous and apprehensive. It increased when I heard specific loud sounds: hair dryer, flush toilet, certain movies etc. I made several consultations and drug attempts to improve. After a year, the tinnitus disappeared. It was a great satisfaction. Now, it’s been exactly five months since I’ve rid myself of tinnitus. For me, it was as if I had received a grace. I am still attentive to the auditory treatment so that I do not have to use hearing aids like my mother, but with competent guidance from the professionals, we look forward to winning the battle.”

Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”


“It started like a steady sound of escaping air, not so loud, but constantly present during the whole day. At night, with silence, it was a torment. Unintentionally, I focused my attention on the tinnitus. One bad night sleep ended up with a certain intolerance, lack of concentration and mood change. Then a vicious circle had set in. I sought help from a doctor, and when I answered her questions, I was led to reflection. Although involved in many causes, I was relieved to feel that she would institute a well-targeted treatment to my possible causes of tinnitus: a bit of ageing, increased sugar intake and private emotional situations. The doctor was important in my life because she discovered what I had and took away my anxiety, thanks to her clarifications and the treatments that guided me. But I also believe that my attitude in facing the problem was very important. I followed all treatments. In addition, I challenged myself to perform more meticulous or difficult manual work, trying to keep concentrated and attenuate attention to tinnitus. I painted cloths and small pictures with flowers of many small petals. With ever thinner lines and gradually more difficult recipes, I made several pieces of crochet.
In the beginning, at night, with the help of my husband, I could sleep with the TV switched on with low sound. Over time, the night was no longer frightening. Tinnitus was gone, and life was back to normal. I want to affirm that, whatever the cause, the patient who counts on the guidance of a competent professional and takes actions in search of healing, will reach the goal.”

Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”


“About 2.5 years ago, after going through a lot of stress due to family problems, I had a very loud tinnitus in both ears. In the beginning, I thought it would go away, but it was so constant and loud that I had the impression that other people were listening. I even thought I would go crazy, because it thoroughly changed my quality of life, social relationship, concentration at work and sleep. I looked for an otolaryngologist, but he told me that I would have to learn to live with it because it has no cure. It was a huge disappointment: living with that infernal noise in both ears was impossible. To make things worse, other people with the same problem only reinforced that tinnitus has no cure. After 2 years of suffering, and not satisfied at all, I searched the internet for a new breath. I started a treatment with a specialist and, although the treatment is in the beginning (30 days), I can already say that I left the hell where I lived, and I am walking towards the door of the heaven. So, I think that people who suffer from tinnitus should never believe in those who say there is no treatment and always look for professionals who believe there is something to be done.”
Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”


“Tinnitus started in July 2007. When I got home at night and lay down on bed to watch TV, that noise came in my right ear. It did not bother me, it was just different, so I didn’t care. As time passed, the strange noise began to manifest all day long and I got upset.
My marathon going to doctors began in September 2007. I went through several doctors and did several tests (audiometry, blood exams, magnetic resonance with angiography, doppler ultrasonography) and they did not show anything. My quality of life was greatly impaired at this time and I started to eat wildly and to live in a bad mood. My wish was to find some way to press my neck to make that pulsating sound stop “singing” in my head. At a doctor’s office, I was finally diagnosed with “aberrant carotid”. With the cardiologist, I tried 5 types of medications: one of them ended the noise, but it gave me a 24-hour headache. Another slowed me down and disrupted my income at work. It was not working.
When my cardiologist finished his attempts, he referred me to an otologist in São Paulo. I had to travel, but was very well attended. After examining the stack of tests that I took with me, she instructed me to cut my sugar abuse radically for at least a month. According to her, our ears are organs that consume much energy, and the excess of sugar is not a good power supplier, being responsible for many cases of tinnitus. I left her office very relieved; if I only had to close my mouth again, I would do this easily. In seven months, I lost 20 Kg, could stop taking the beta blockers and tried not to stress with unimportant things. Today I feel good, and I believe that a lot of my improvement, besides weight loss, was knowing what I was dealing with. Somedays I can still hear it at a bearable level; on other days, it does not appear.
The message I want to give to those who are going through tinnitus is not to get discouraged. Seek doctors, do the exams, find treatment alternatives. Improving and living with mild tinnitus is possible.”

Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”


“At the 2003 carnival, I realized I had tinnitus. When everything around me was silent, day or night, I could hear a little “whistle” in my right ear. I went to an otolaryngologist, very well recommended, who asked me a lot of exams and, after seeing that nothing was diagnosed, reported that I was a mystery of science. I felt like an alien! How could I, a normal person in good physical and mental health, have something incurable?

The more I worried, the louder I heard the noise. Another doctor gave me a controlled medicine to sleep and I was terrified. It took me a long time to take the courage to take it. Those were difficult times. Anyway, I started taking the medicine, the noise subsided a bit, but I was not calm.

The third doctor said that nothing else could be done, that tinnitus is of unknown cause, involves a dysfunction of the limbic system, and it might help to understand a little about it.

I then discovered the world of the internet, which looks more like a purgatory. The testimonials, discussion forums, the desperate people, the misleading and absurd information was impressive. At this moment, the noise was very loud, disconcerting. I listened all day and at night it was difficult to sleep. The feeling of having no control over it, not knowing its limit, imagining my whole life with it and addicted to the medicine, how it would be when I wanted to get pregnant … I would not be able to live like this. I arrived at the absurdity of thinking that it was better to be deaf!

My instability was so great that I cried at any moment. I cried for fear of being crazy like my stepfather (who had been suffering for years because of tinnitus, which made him sicker and crazier than he ever was), for fear of destroying my marriage and my professional life.

As the medication had no effect, I looked for alternative ways. Acupuncture and therapy helped me a lot. At the same time, I looked for a fourth otolaryngologist, one of the few healthy indications that I found on the internet.

Though she gave me no guarantee that the noise would go away, she showed me another way of looking at it. First, we found that what really bothered me at that moment was the difficulty of sleeping. So, I continued to take the sleeping pill with less fear and guilt, changed my diet, and began to consider the issue less desperately.

Then everything started to change. For more than a year, the noise was getting lower and lower… and it finally became imperceptible. I had to pay close attention to listen to it, and many times I did not find it! Sometimes it still comes back a little, but it’s been a long time since it’s no longer a problem for me. Under guidance, I was finally able to stop the sleeping pill.

Tinnitus is not treated with a single dose magic pill, but it certainly can be treated. I had to change my way of facing it: to believe that it is not a disease and that the bad examples like my stepfather are not ideal parameters. That was “the” difference. Remembering everything I’ve had because of tinnitus, it’s unbelievable that in this time frame everything has changed so much. I’m lucky to have found good people who helped me, to have changed my way of thinking and I am happy about the result. The noise is my former problem and I will not allow it to bother me anymore.”

Part of the book: “Who said that tinnitus has no cure?”