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Sleep Disturbances

Insomnia, Snore and Apneia: The Sleep Disturbances That Compromise Your Health

Sleeping well is essential for health, as it avoids chronic fatigue, poor academic or professional performance, memory loss, mood and behavior changes etc. Unfortunately, the habits of modern life have greatly increased sleep disorders.

The Instituto Ganz Sanchez has specialized care to diagnose and treat insomnia (difficulty to start or maintain sleep), snoring and obstructive apnea (nighttime breathing stops longer than 10 seconds).

Because the patient himself is unable to provide adequate information and depends on the comments of family members, the detailed evaluation of a night’s sleep by polysomnography helps greatly to recognize and quantify sleep disorders. Thus, treatment can be better targeted and more efficient.

For patients who experience discomfort in sleeping in a hospital or laboratory, we perform the Home-based Polysomnography, which offers privacy and patient comfort to maintain their preferred habits of pillow, mattress, room temperature and sleep start time.

In order to do so, the patient should take our device in the Instituto Ganz Sanchez (after receiving the explanations for the correct use) and return it the next day, when he will receive the complete report. In special cases, staff may be asked to attend in the patient’s residence.

Who should undergo Polysomnography?

Because it is a low-risk exam, it can be done by people who: 

– Have difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep;

– Just sleep if taking one or more tablets;

– Keep accelerated thoughts at bedtime;

– Feel drowsy during the day;

– Snore or have apnea (breathing stops at night);

– Sleep in inappropriate places or times.

If you have never done a sleep assessment, schedule yourself to do it.

After all, sleeping well is priceless!