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On-Line Course

Course ABC...Z Of Tinnitus

Do you know that your quality of life also depends on the ears? Well, few people understand the depth of this idea, but it makes perfect sense!

It is very rare to die because of ear problems, but it very common to suffer with them. When the ears are attacked by some of the various aggressors of modern life, they produce undesirable symptoms to alert you: tinnitus, intolerance to daily sounds, hearing loss, dizziness, aural fullness, pain, distortion of sounds, etc.

To improve and recover the ear, we need a DYNAMIC DUO to b efficient: a trained professional AND a motivated patient to make the needed changes. Either part alone does not work well to improve these symptoms.

This is our goal with the on-line course ABC … Z OF TINNITUS! Completing this project was a nice challenge: to create a content to be straight to the point, complete (from A to Z), and simple for everyone to understand, without belittling the knowledge of the professionals … and we did it!

We really believe that: 1) doctors and audiologists will feel more confident to manage their patients; 2) patients will have a great opportunity to better understand their problem, to follow our practical TIPS, to be more prepared to talk to their professionals and to get the most out of the consultation. Thus, acting in the DYNAMIC DUO of professionals and patients, this course multiplies everybody´s knowledge on tinnitus. We want to expand thinking and to transform the lives of thousands of people, even those living in places without specialized medical services.

The course ABC … Z OF TINNITUS contains didactic videos and full support material, based on our experience of more than 20 years. It is divided into 3 modules (Understanding Tinnitus, Investigating Tinnitus, Treating Tinnitus), and each one includes part of our research with cases of cure.

Module 1 – Understanding Tinnitus.

(Content in Portuguese)


Module 2 – Investigating Tinnitus.

(Content in Portuguese)


Module 3 – Treating

(Content in Portuguese)