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Instituto Ganz Sanchez

The Instituto Ganz Sanchez is the first Latin American center for treatment, research and divulgation of tinnitus and intolerance to sounds (hyperacusis and misophonia). It also treats patients with hearing loss, dizziness, blocked ears, and sleep disorders.

It was founded in 2009 by Tanit Ganz Sanchez, MD, PhD, who is an Associate Professor of the Otolaryngology Department of University of São Paulo School of Medicine, a national pioneer in the development of scientific research and in the creation of different awareness actions in Brazil since 1994.

The Instituto Ganz Sanchez is located at a privileged space in São Paulo. The team of specialized physicians and audiologists is handpicked and has already been recognized for the knowledge, cordiality and efficiency to define the best treatment strategy for each patient.

Currently, in parallel to the individual appointments, we are focused on researching cases of tinnitus who already reached the cure, in order to better understand this process and help more people. If you know someone who has been cured of tinnitus, please email:[email protected].

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