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Hypersensitivity To Sounds

Annoyance or Intolerance to Sounds, Sensitive Ears, Misophonia, Hyperacusis

Do you bother with sounds that other people hardly notice? This intolerance is more common than you think!

The intolerance to sounds (or auditory hypersensitivity) can be divided in 3 types:

– When the annoyance is with the VOLUME of the sounds (TV, music, voices, restaurants etc), these people can perfectly cope with such sounds as long as the volume is lower. These are the pure cases of hyperacusis. When we measure the LDL (Loudness Discomfort Levels), the result is usually altered.

– When the nuisance is with the REPEATITION of LOW sounds (chewing, breathing, swallowing, throttling, pen click, slipper dragging etc), these people cannot stand such sounds while they are present, as they provoke a strong and uncontrollable reaction of anger and irritability. These are the pure cases of Misophonia or Syndrome of Selective Sensitivity to Sounds (4S). When we measure the LDL (Loudness Discomfort Levels), the results can be normal or not.

–  When the reaction is FEAR to be exposed to sounds because they can damage the ear or the general health, this means phonophobia, which is usually associated with the two previous ones. When we perform the LDL (Loudness Discomfort Levels), the results are usually very altered.

The 3 types can be mixed in the same patient. Isolated or in combination, they can cause great restriction of family, social and professional life, leading to isolation by the sounds or the lack of understanding of family and friends.

The TV program Fantástico (Rede Globo) presented an interesting report on misophonia to demystify the subject.
Click on the link and watch! !