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In Portuguese, G.A.N.Z. are the initial letters for NATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE WITH TINNITUS

Using our 10-year experience in coordinating a former support group, in 2012 we created the G.A.N.Z. – National Support Group for people with Tinnitus. In this new phase, we embrace an even greater challenge: reaching at least 1 million of the 28 million Brazilians who have tinnitus. The main goals of G.A.N.Z. are to educate, exchange experiences online and convey more optimistic – albeit realistic – information to people suffering from tinnitus.
Scope: Relevant topics for tinnitus patients and family members better understand the problem and learn about personalized treatment options; It is not the scope of G.A.N.Z.: analysis of exams, appointment with professionals or individual orientation of treatment.

In the first years of existence, the G.A.N.Z. involved lectures by Dr. Tanit Ganz Sanchez that were broadcasted in real time to allow the participation of the public and other health professionals from many parts of Brazil.


Next, we started to divulge interviews with professionals from different areas (doctors, audiologists, dentists, physiotherapists, (neuro)psychologists etc) on very specific topics within the subject of tinnitus.

Finally, with the progress of our research on cases that reached the cure of tinnitus, we are releasing the videos with informed testimonials from people who consider themselves cured, so they can share their experiences.
With this, we hope to help motivate more professionals to believe that it is possible to treat people with tinnitus and get partial and even total improvement results.

We invite you to watch our vast informative content at the TV Zumbido website (