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Conditioned Infant Audiometry With Visual Reinforcement

It is possible to evaluate hearing in children younger than 4 years! For this, specific strategies and care are needed to ensure correct results. The Conditioned Infant Audiometry with Visual Reinforcement (for infants and children up to 4 years).

Hearing is fundamental to the development and communication of any child, especially by the link with the acquisition of speech and language. Early evaluation prevents and detects hearing changes, and helps early rehabilitation of children.

The exam is performed by an audiologist at the request of an otorhinolaryngologist or pediatrician. with the baby / child sitting on the mother’s lap (or guardian), inside a soundproofed booth, with headphones or in the free field. It is painless and uses playful techniques to involve the baby / child during testing.

As a differential, this exam is done at the Instituto Ganz Sanchez by two speech therapists together. Sounds are presented to the child and, upon realizing them, they must do the playful task that was requested. The baby is evaluated by the type of reaction that he presents when perceiving the sounds. It usually lasts 40-50 minutes. More distracted or restless children may need two sessions in order to avoid compromising results.

According to the age, the examination can:

– Check the normal development of hearing, speech and language;
– Detect hearing impairment, even mild, as early as possible;
– Before and after placement of ventilation tubes in the ears (secretory otitis media);
– Help in hearing rehabilitation.