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Central Auditory Processing

A Test For Those Who Hear, But Do Not Understand!

Central Auditory Processing is the brain’s ability to use the information that comes through the ears, that is, “it’s what the brain does with what the ear hears”. It represents different hearing skills that are developed from birth (locating sound, focusing attention on one sound and ignoring others, discriminating one sound from the other, memorizing sequential sounds, etc.).

Some people have difficulty performing these skills, which causes inattention, difficulty concentrating, understanding and learning at any age. This is called Central Auditory Processing Disorder. It can be present even in those who listen well!

The good news is that these difficulties can be reversed if properly trained.

Who should undergo the Central Auditory Processing?

Children (from 6 years old) who do not perform well in school because they have the following characteristics:

– Difficulty in learning and / or reading and writing;

– Change of letters to speak, read or write;

– Difficulty in memory;

– Inattention and / or distraction;

– Fast fatigue when attending classes or lectures;

– Restlessness;

– Difficulty listening and paying attention in noisy environments;

– Ask to repeat (“what?”, “ahn?”) or say “I did not understand”;

– Do not listen / understand well;

– Demand extra time to listen and / or understand what was said;

– Difficulty in conversations with many people at the same time;

– Difficulty locating where the sound is coming from;

– Difficulty to perform a sequence of tasks requested.

– Adults with difficult to understand in their professional day-to-day life and to live with family and friends (memory, concentration, understanding, etc.)

– People of any age who wear hearing aids, but still have difficulty understanding in noisy places or when talking to several people at the same time.