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THE Test That Identifies The Pitch (Sound Frequency) and The Loudness (Sensation of Intensity) Most Similar to The Tinnitus

Many people would like be able to express better to family and physicians how their tinnitus sounds like.
Acuphenometry identifies the type (sound frequency) and the loudness (sensation of volume) of tinnitus.

Usually, the otorhinolaryngologist who investigates the patient requests the exam and the audiologist performs it after the pure tone audiometry.
It is performed with the patient sitting inside the soundproof booth, using specific headphones to receive instructions and respond appropriately. The professional offers different types of sounds, emitted by an audiometer, so that each patient can choose:

1 – What is the sound frequency (low or high pitch) that more closely resembles tinnitus;

2 –  What is the sensation of sound intensity (lower or higher) that more closely resembles tinnitus;

3 – What is the minimum sound intensity of a narrowband noise that is needed to mask the tinnitus.

This examination is subjective and therefore depends on the patient’s accurate response. To increase the reliability of responses, we routinely adopt testing and two retests.

It has the following advantages:

– Helps the otorhinolaryngologist to better understand the patient’s tinnitus to define the best personalized treatment strategy.

– Helps the patient to know that his professional team understands what he feels;

– Helps the practitioner to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed treatment when pre-treatment and post-treatment acuphenometry are compared.

The test may be compromised if it is performed on people with earwax, pulsatile tinnitus, or with severe or profound hearing loss.