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Orange November

Tinnitus Has Already Achieved More Than 40 Million Brazilians.

I. Brief background: The National Campaign on Tinnitus Alert was created in 2006 by Tanit Ganz Sanchez, MD, PhD, to conduct voluntary outreach activities throughout November, the month that includes the National Tinnitus Awareness Day (11/11). Recently, the campaign received the nickname of Orange November. It is promoted by Instituto Ganz Sanchez (

II. Objective: to raise awareness about the concerning reality of increased ear problems at all ages and to motivate more health professionals to embrace these causes:

1. Tinnitus and sound intolerance are symptoms of the ears which are most vulnerable to aggression;

2. It is necessary to properly investigate its various causes;

3. Early treatment can make a difference in the recovery;

4. Changing restrictive thoughts (“there is nothing to be done”, “no cure”, “learn to live with it”) may expand the professional performance and the chance of improving the patient.

III. Actions of Orange November:

– From November 1rst to 30th: posting tips which were signed by several professionals from different cities on, both in Portuguese and in English.

– November 09th: lecture with Prof Tanit. Title: Your quality of life also depends on your ears. It is open to the public and has free admission.

– November 12th: Intensive Theoretical-Practical Course of Tinnitus, for ENTs and audiologists, at the headquarters of Instituto Ganz Sanchez, in São Paulo. Live broadcasts will be made via Facebook with the team.
(Click Here and learn more about the course).

– National Support Group for people with Tinnitus: Throughout the month, videos of interviews with patients who have already reached Tinnitus CURE will be available on the channel Tinnitus TV. Sign up for free to be informed about new videos.

– Interviews in printed, spoken and televised media (dates and places to be confirmed closer to the event).

– Virtual Kit: availability of explanatory folders for download, with the seal of the Instituto Ganz Sanchez, to professionals who wish to be partners and extend the Campaign in their cities.

– Periodical availability of live videos for people who like our page, with the answers of the 10 most common questions.

– Donation of Orange November t-shirts to patients who are treated during the month of November.

IV. How to be a partner:



a) quality information through our social networks;

b) PDF of the explanatory folders with the logo of the supporters to be locally reproduced.

c) press release to generate local interviews.


a) to access the “signed tips” on and disclose them to your audience, increasing the reach of the Campaign in your region.

b) to take pictures of Orange November in your area. If you want, create fun situations: dress up in orange clothes or accessories, light up some space with orange etc. Please send us the pictures to let us know your local initiative! If you want, post them on your social networks with the hashtag #novembrolaranja, so they will automatically join ours.

c) Print our creative “plaques” directly from the page They can help create good situations.


To formalize your interest, please email your Name, Profession, Address and Affiliation to [email protected]

On behalf of the Instituto Ganz Sanchez, we thank you for your VALUABLE contribution to the growth of the Orange November – National Campaign on Tinnitus Alert!

Tanit Ganz Sanchez, MD, PhD